Wow! What an amazing response to our call for crafters for the December 10-12th holiday market! There are still a few more hours left to apply if you are trying to get in under the wire – Applications Due October 25th by 5pm. Now, this may be too little, too late, but here are a couple of things we have learned through all of the wonderful applicants {crafty guinea pigs} we have already:

1. When you go to the website to download the application, open it in Adobe Reader or Acrobat Professional, to fill it out, not Mac Preview.

2. After you hit the submit button at the bottom of the page there are some choices and instructions for sending it automatically to our data collector {I know this sounds so Geek Squad, but trust me}, choose your email client like Outlook or Mac Mail and don’t worry about the text it puts in the body of the email along with it, just send it and it should arrive just fine as long as you filled out all of the required fields.

3. If you must save it and email it to us manually, do not be concerned if the PDF looks blank when you attach it. We promise it magically reappears on the other side and would let you know if that was not the case.

We are so excited about the positive response to Firefly Handmade and are proud to be embraced by all of the lovely people in the Colorado craft community that surrounds us. Thank you, a million times, thank you! So much more to come!