If you are a Boulderite and happen to tour the Open Studios, you already know the functionally fresh brilliance that is Kristin FitzGerrell of Studio 22. If not, spend a moment with one of her pieces and you will want to know her. She not only creates cheerful collage art, she embodies it. It is a lifestyle. It encompasses every nook and cranny of her home, her studio and her being.

Kristin collects vintage and breathes life into it for today’s modern world. Her silhouette animals bring a smile to young and old, the large letters dust the rust off  nostalgic signage, the collage works are a careful balance of form and texture, and her functional fixtures border on whimsical without being too cute. What will she construct for the Firefly Market? She’s not yet revealing, but you will want to set up camp in her booth, climb in her world and stay for a while, I can assure you.

A poet of object, color and shape, Kristin puts things together – just like this team she fused to form Firefly Handmade.

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