Our french is a bit rusty, but there is a phrase that we love: je ne sais quois … it means that certain something that is elusive and wonderful: nearly beyond words. BirdDog Design + Letterpress is exactly what that phrase seeks to express.

Every last scrap of goodness in Allison Bozeman’s world has that beyond-words quality. You will never see a BirdDog display, card, or fabric design that has not received a heaping large tablespoon of genuine TLC and creative consideration. Alli’s design sense and consistent craftsmanship astounds even the most seasoned handmaidens near and far.

Her products, designs, collections and most importantly her contagious chuckles and grins, tell it all. This gal has not just created a brand, she IS a brand in the way that goes far beyond corporate identity or savvy marketing strategies. She is the country farm girl version of an entrepreneur. When you find yourself anywhere near her it makes you want to squeeze some lemons, stitch your initials on a feedsack tea towel and write a couple of heartfelt notes to the ones you love best. Her amazing letterpress work has all the charm of days-gone-by but with a design aesthetic as fresh as the next five minutes.

BirdDog Press |  324 Main Street  |  Lyons, CO
design + letterpress // eco-crafted paper goods
a design studio with a collaborative approach. a print shop with an eye for craftsmanship in place of perfectionism. we love pattern and perspective. we honor history with modern technology. we heart handmade and live for a story well woven. we use { and re-use } every last scrap.