The fact that I practically plan my child’s birthday party around his Dandy Social Club threads pretty much says it all. This is one seriously imaginative selection of upcycled children’s apparel. The name alone beckons you to join in the fun.

Besides amazing design and spunky fashion sense, Denise sure knows how to wrangle a sewing machine. She is one of those creative beings that can dream up something in her head and then … make it so, without so much as a blink. Her pairing of textures and patterns is akin to the finest of dining without the stuffy restaurant. And I want to eat there all the time. Denise is truly one-of-a-kind, just like the woven wonders she stitches. One part unleashed artist and one part business mogul, with a dash of cat-like reflexes and quite the quip lip.

The story goes that Denise was motivated by a lack of fun and attractive play-clothes for her daughter, and her solution was the creation of her own line of kids clothing blending classic lines with retro aesthetics. Dandy Social Club combines fresh, bold fabrics in surprising combinations with vintage textiles. The resulting collection is an updated modern approach to clothing that feels almost familiar.

Oh and when you are at the sale and you are wondering which dish is Denise, … let me serve you up a blast from her past: Roller Derby.


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