Have you ever met a gal with a heart so big you just can’t imagine how it can stay contained within her human form? Well we met that girl and she has set our Firefly energy on overload! Just as we are gearing up to bring you the best of what is already going on in the local craft scene, Ali Dejohn is working her own sweet magic on a new creative venture. We’re certain that Ali has all the zest, inspiration, great aesthetic and sincerity to take her start-up straight up to the bright blue sky. Boulder is about to burst forth with a fabulous new event which is already attracting national attention … starting this April, The Makerie will transform the Chatauqua cottages into a campy, creative playground for the long weekend getaway you’ve been dreaming of. In Ali’s own words …

I want to provide a place where people can step out of their fast-paced, everyday lives, leave technology behind for a few days and reconnect with themselves.”

Ali’s big-hearted passion for creative pursuit is evident in every detail of her plans for the Makerie. The getaway weekend will be full of amazing workshops (i.e. sewing, embroidery, knitting, painting, block printing, pattern making, making art out of recycled materials, etc…) and is for ANYONE (not just so-called creative types) who wants to try something totally new in a supportive environment. In addition to the classes, the Makerie will offer wake-up yoga &/or hiking, and healthy, organic & local yummy foods as part of the weekend. You will feel nurtured mind, body and soul! What could be better than a weekend with no cooking or cleaning, just creating!

The eagerly awaited Makerie website goes live TODAY and we have a helpful hint: if this is your cup of tea, { do NOT delay } hitting the send button on your sign up. . . we’ve heard rumors that a “virtual” line has started in anticipation. With teachers coming from all over the country, we expect that the Makerie will draw participants from near and far. Lucky us, it happens to be in our own backyard. Ali will be spending lots of time at the December market to meet and greet, so stop by, connect with her, and get more Makerie scoop.

  • Dates: April 7 – 10, 2011
  • Location: Chautauqua, Boulder, CO
  • Class Schedule: Friday morning & afternoon sessions (3 hrs each), Saturday morning & afternoon sessions (3 hrs each)
  • Teachers: Incredible teacher line up to be announced soon!
  • Registration: to be open early November

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ps. And the icing on this sweet little cake? Firefly Handmade is delighted to collaborate with Ali and her already fantastic retreat schedule to bring you the Makerie Market!