When Debra Belk started lele handknits twelve years ago, she didn’t intend to create a global family business, but that is exactly what has happened. Her hand-knit, hand-embroidered, hand-loomed lines are a blend of the traditional ethnic arts of Lithuania and the fresh, unique design of this century.

Upon learning the name lele means “baby doll” in Lithuanian, I immediately wanted more of this goodness. Then when I clicked on “about” in this baby doll’s website, I wanted to … die, really. Apparently, I already had and I was now looking at an angel in pink and brown heaven. When I came-to and realized I was still of this earth I wanted to book a one-way ticket to Lithuania and understand the land behind Debra’s work.

From Lithuania to Littleton – Debi’s design studio, a cozy riot of color and yarn, sits within historic suburb of Denver, where she muses patterns of sweaters, jackets, ponchos, skirts, hats, scarves and mittens. So full of all of the history, influence and aesthetic sensibilities of her Eastern European heritage, this baby doll is a girlfriend we can hardly wait to meet! Oh, and I’ll take the pink and brown number in a medium please.

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