As Donna’s dear mother remembers, “You know, when you were little, we’d know where to find you by the trail of clothes pointing in the direction that you went.” She laughed because as an adult, she still has that need to shake off the encumbrances and explore the world! Donna says:

I’ve found a means to work and wander, traveling into the wee cracks of the planet. It’s worth the journey and the toil. Nothing brings out the center of a person better than the truth, love and weirdness of fellow people along that way.”

Donna Diddit products are produced and displayed with good design and function in mind. {I remember feeling a wee bit of envy over Donna’s awesome wheeled display towers at Horseshoe Market.} We’re especially fond of the stainless steel flatware upcycled into their Table to Farm Garden Markers™ and for the rubik’s cube solver in your life? Challenge them with one of the laser-engraved Push Pin Puzzles™! Donna has created a well-branded {pun intended} business based out of their home studio in the Santa Fe Art District of Denver.