Heide Murray says wanting to make people happy is a particularly Canadian trait. Well, we’re sure glad she is so Canadian and ‘tis no surprise that Heide’s work makes us particularly and perfectly happy. How could you look at these and not let that warm (fuzzy) feeling just take over your whole self?

Heide’s work captures so much of what great craft is: imagination, playfulness and exploration of materials. Heide’s skilled artisanship and comfort with her material is fully evident in every adorable piece she creates. She’s been working with felt for 10 years and teaching for 8. Says Heide about her love affair with wool:

It is so pure and raw. I can make it do what ever I want. Design, design, design.”

Like most designers, Heide works from her sketchbook (and wouldn’t you love to peek!!) then, needle felts her creations for hours before she moves on to wet-felting to add character. She tops it all of with vintage beads, ribbons, buttons and blocks because her other passion is repurposing old things people have left behind Her goal is to make an heirloom. Indeed you are reaching your goal Heide. And when you each time you reach it we are Happy. Happy. Happy.


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