Imagine this to be your job description:

You will run a one-woman show for your “rootsy” business. Depending on the time of day, you will be in the Apothecary chopping roots and herbs, or possibly blending the formulas for your tinctures, ointments, teas and oils. Come spring and all the way through fall, you will enjoy wandering the foothills and the mountains, wild crafting local herbs, or tending to your herbs sustainably grown around town.

With respect for nature & our wise ancestral traditions, your business amalgamates local & sustainably harvested herbs together to provide the community with high quality handcrafted herbal extracts, teas, salves, essential oils, salts and spice blends.

If your name is Rachel Farinelli of Affinitas Apothecary, you got the job!! For the rest of us, we will close our eyes, blocking out the florescent lights, the cubicle walls, the child who needs our attention 5 minutes ago, and we will meet Rachel at her peaceful place. And then on the second weekend in December, we will inhale and then purchase the above products to share in Rachel’s joy and allow ourselves to be a part of the bliss that is Affinitas!