Ever notice how that word “luscious” is so fun to say? C’mon, take a minute out or your busy day and say if a few times aloud. If you just said “luscious” out loud we love you. We love Natha too, for naming her company a word that is this delightful to say and which aptly describes jewelry as enchanting as hers.

Once you’ve held, or better yet worn a piece of Natha’s magic, there is really no better word than luscious to describe the experience. Natha truly works her chosen medium, adding all the the passion and skilled craftsmanship necessary to uniquely transform her material. She  creates jewery with an emphasis on shimmering colors, glowing metals, interesting textures and mesmerizing words.

Natha is inspired by colors, language and passion, dreams, confections and fantasies … and we are inspired by Natha. Come on, one more time, all together: “luscious.” Ok, now go get your work done.

Luscious Metals Studios, Natha Perkins
unique and enchanting handcrafted jewelry