{see, I told you there was more – much more to wish for!}

Continuing on their connected path, Shannon & Sahra have more than Hot Mama up their sleek and sexy little sleeves. These two metalsmiths, friends,  and next-door neighbors in Boulder are now officially business partners who are currently working on new jewelry designs together.

Sugar Soul Studio provides adornment for singing hearts and smiling souls. Lovingly hammered, polished, hand cut and assembled with care, an abundance of beauty and a touch of whimsy can be found in each and every piece. As lovers of nature and daydreamers – Play~Enjoy~Dream is the mantra.

Sahra and Shannon have each taken their own route, and now that their paths have crossed, breathe in the serendipity they have found along this journey. Take, for instance, the Tree of Life etched on to a silver plate, then cut into thin bars to create pathways, No two are ever the same, just as no two peoples’ paths are ever the same. Now if that isn’t one-of-a-kind, I don’t know what is.

Sugar Soul and Hot Mama, you better believe it baby.

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