After a nice long tenure in the Natural History Museum collection department, Erin King thought hmmm: what’s next for a nice girl like me who is fascinated with archival dead things? So in 2007, she ditched her curatorial track and opted for the equally glamorous life of struggling artist. In her specialized little corner of the artworld, Erin creates artwork dedicated to all things anatomical & zoological.

If anyone wonders who might take top billing this year for most unique artisan, we do think we may point on over to Erin. This one has a niche where very few could hang, her technical abilities and scientific knowledge are astounding! She has the well-studied professional background even beyond what you might imagine – She has worked as a scientific illustrator, graphic designer, taxidermist and a teaching assistant in the human anatomy lab at CU.

We are head over heels giddy over Erin’s company name (and we don’t find it the least bit morbid now that we know her!) Deadwilder Design & Illustration specializes in original works of art centered on zoology, anatomy, and natural history. Stop by Erin’s booth for the UNIQUE gifts you need this year.

Deadwilder Design & Illustration
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