Practically born with a wood gouge in her hand, Theresa Haberkorn is a woodcut printmaker with formal fine art training and cottage industry experience, giving her a well rounded platform for sharing her medium with the world.

Theresa employs a meticulous woodblock reduction technique to create her beautifully complex and layered artprints in her Boulder studio. The process involves carving a plank of wood and rolling ink on the raised area that remains. The blocks are cut, printed, and then re-cut and printed again. The block is destroyed as it is printed, so the prints are limited edition and thus even more special.

With her love for pattern and design, Theresa would often print her woodblocks on fabric for personal projects, such as bags, and tea towels.  As friends and family began requesting gifts made from her printed fabric for themselves, a side venture of wood block printing on fabric was born. Permanent inks are rolled on to each wood block, and stamped on to the fabric. Since the fabric is printed by hand, there are slight variations in the design, which gives it a unique look when compared to other printing techniques.

This fabric venture renders Theresa’s art both beautiful in form and fabulous in function and therefore are practically perfect gifts!