A common theme amongst our vendors, it this proverbial “ITCH” of the crafty variety that won’t go away until it gets a good scratching! While Alexa Allen finds wool EVERYTHING but scratchy, it is her current ITCH-stopper for sure!

Alexa swapped a custom cabinet-making business in the Bay Area for a wool obsession when she moved back to Boulder a year ago and couldn’t afford the workshop space she needed. She started felting as a cheaper alternative that would still give her the creative fix she yearned for. Before two shakes of a lambs tail, she was a roving junkie! Her new passion has circled her right back to her woody background and she’s about to launch a small line of kid’s furniture which incorporates felt!

We can’t wait to glimpse Alexa’s new furniture, because what we’re seeing so far of her felting obsession is leaving us with a warm fuzzy feeling all over! We dare you to look at these dolls and not smile. NELLA Kids‘ “eco-mod felt dolls” are the perfect gift: non-toxic, lightweight, great for cuddling, organic,and one-of–a-kind! Be sure to stop by and squeeze one at the market.