What’s 1,789 Miles + a 12-Week Challenge +  5 Simply Fantastic Children & Animal Paintings + 121 Etsy Sales + 1 Children’s Book Project?

This is not high school math! This is Melanie Schultz, mathematician turned illustration magician! Melanie is a teacher and freelance illustrator who recently moved from New York City to Denver, where there is lots more space to run around with her dog, Violet, and way less humidity.

With a style as quirky as her miniature schnauzer, Melanie’s acrylic paintings, Gocco printed cards, art prints, and magnets are loaded with illustrative personality.  A fresh foray into surface and textile design has Melanie sewing pouches and bags with one-of-a-kind fabrics that she designed herself. A true number cruncher at heart, this Clever Violet is always adding something new to the mix, keeping her skills sharp, learning new techniques and experimenting with new mediums.

We are thrilled to bring this east coast, city slicker, Renegade Craft Fair vendor to the wild wild west for some Front Range Firefly magic December 10th, 11th and 12th, won’t you join us in giving her a big, bright Boulder welcome!?

WebsiteEtsyFlickr |  Melanie DOT Schultz AT gmail DOT com