Once upon a time (only a couple’a years ago, really) one of these three fireflies walked in to a booth at a springtime craft fair and fell in love with her princess charming. You know how that happens every once in awhile where someone is so sweet, so talented and so ON their creative game that you just want spend the day with them even though they are obviously busy?

Well then you’ve been warned. Plan to spend some time with Angela Rios-Barbee at Pink Collar Studio this second weekend in December. Her jewels are magnificent and that is an understatement. Her personal interpretation of shape, form and color assures us that Angela is pure artiste. And she truly is; with an installation art background, and a creative resume that started with drawing-under-the-kitchen-table (age 5) and garage-sale-shopping for treasures with her mama (age 7) this one is the real thing. She experiments, designs, deconstructs and reconstructs her way to a unique piece.

She has followed her heart right into ours. . . and her display sensibilities will knock your socks right off. A one of a kind piece of jewelry, you betcha! From a one-of-a-kind, real live princess!

Pink Collar Studio  |  Angela Rios-Barbee