If every American family wrapped just three presents in re-used materials, it would save enough paper to cover nearly 50,000 football fields.”
~The Stanford University Recycling Center

We have been harping on HANDMADE for weeks now… and today, in the spirit of giving and being thankful, we want to bring it full circle. Buying handmade is greener than buying into the mass produced world we live in, you get it. So why not take it one step further and wrap these extra-thoughtful, eco-friendly goodies in something equally consumer conscious?

The fireflies have a solution – Lyziwraps! Available at our holiday market to complete your shopping experience in colorful Colorado, reduce, reuse – upcycle style!

Cross one clever middle school student, several yards of colorful fabric and the desire to find a solution to an environmental problem and you get the origins of Lyziwraps, a reusable, any-occasion alternative to paper gift wrap designed to save time, money and energy as it supports a healthier environment. Lyziwraps™ adjustable fabric wraps come in formal dupioni silk, sporty and washable ripstop, bold oilcloth and soft corduroy.

Lyziwraps also boasts a line of Banner Bags where advertising graphics headed for the landfill are rescued into a second life as fashionable eco-friendly tote. Each bag is made in Colorado and many are one of a kind.

Be sure and stop by our giftwrap corner so you can have Lyziwraps brightening the future of trees, under your tree!

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