‘Tis no surprise that Amber Glenn’s hip housewares collection Cyanide Stitches was just featured on Etsy’s QUIT YOUR DAY JOB.

Growing up, there wasn’t money for art museum trips or books or even basic supplies at Amber’s house. Partly out of need and partly because she found the simple joy of creating something out of nothing, Amber was a crafty little maker from the beginning.

There were five of us kids, and one single, way-overworked mom who was always creating something”

In her early crafting years Amber crafted a wonderful world for her Barbie: A sock with a hole in it and no mate served as a dress, with a few alterations of course. Some sticks from the yard paired with an old pillowcase became her new fortress. Barbie never complained and we think she was the luckiest blond around. One day, Barbie encouraged Amber to pack up her own old worn out, lime green and orange-flowered suitcase, take a risk, and head to Denver to build a real Barbie boutique – one brick at a time.

Now that Amber is all grown up, she lovingly shares her authentic style, bold colors, fun designs, very real sense of humor and lots of mustaches. . . Curious? You should be. Stop by and let Amber make some suggestions for YOUR Barbie dreamhouse. . . or maybe a nice new hand towel for your favorite Ken.

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