Another moonlighting maker, Nicole Keim teaches music by day and at night, lets her inner crafter SING! Marmalade Creations produces happy little wool hair accessories and just when you thought a barrette could not be cuter, you happen across a real, live TWOMBLY doll with a big personality and a name to match.

Mona Pizza and Frank Lloyd Wrong seem to beam with pride at their very own whimsical cuteness, as if they have a secret between their scrappy selves! The Twombly Doll series is crafted from a variety of materials including felt, buttons, upcycled clothing, flannel or fleece, and are accented with accessories including capes, suspenders and pants, tutus, bowties, dresses or scarves. So soft and cuddly, you’ll want to give them a citrus squeeze.

Tiny tots will surely offer a toast if you spread on the Marmalade!

Marmalade Creations  |  Nicole Keim