When your name is Holland and you’ve studied in Denmark, your fans naturally expect a certain wonderfully-worldly aesthetic. . . and Ms. Seydel does not disappoint. With a background in architecture, furniture design, and art Holland’s style is as fresh as her name and as warm as her smile. We love this gal’s devotion to all things creative. Her blog, Haute Nature, will astound you. If you aren’t already a fan you will be now. This is an amazing collection celebrating re-use, creative exploration and artful ways to reduce waste and consumption. Check out this link and spend a few minutes within your favorite categories. This is one we check constantly for inspiration: www.hautenature.com

Holland is sharing some of her own creative re-use in the form of delightful collages which draw us in and feel familiar and brand new all in the same moment . . Holland’s craftwork manages to balance the best vintage vibe with a contemporary style all her own: re-purposed china, delicate doily bowls. . . Holland confesses that her resourcefulness and crafty tendencies are really just covers to justify the underlying antique-buying, design-loving, pastry-eating self. . . but we’ve uncovered another little secret: Holland is an insanely talented curator who is ready to share her own artistic interpretation. Haute Nature is pure delight every step of the way.