Kate Salomon’s grandmother loved gaudy costume jewelry and it sounds like she encouraged Kate to really go for it and pile on a great big load of the wonderful stuff when she played dress-up as a young fashionista. While we don’t doubt the whopper jewelry box propelled Kate into her current line of work, we’ve a feeling the aesthetics Of K STARR are pure Kate. These necklaces we’re glimpsing are anything but gaudy, we prefer “delightfully playful.”

Kate knows exactly where her necklaces fit in the grand scope of handmade jewelry and she also knows that every now and then you just plain want FUN! With a whole lot of options and lovely low prices to match, Kate’s necklaces (and more!) pack a wollop of wow-factor, but without the weight or financial smack-down of SERIOUS jewelry.

Kate designs and make pieces that are easy to love and the best part. . . they are priced even a bit below “just right”. . . she gives us permission to be decadently carefree when we drape our necks in her multi-strand baubles and encourages us to, well, live a little. . . Kate will let you pile ’em all on and play dress up. She’ll even hold the mirror while you practice your sideways glance.