Ok, get ready. . . It’s sibling day here at Firefly! These sissies have lasso’d the lovely notion of “RE-” and are pulling it in like a wonderfully wild horse. You’ll know as soon as you meet them that they are as real as the rust on their favorite old piece of fence and as sweet as the lace on their petticoats. Junk? Certainly not. Much more like Junque.

While they may call themselves the Scrapsisters, Leslie Whiteside and Ashleigh Hitchcock have surely never met a scrap. The more tattered and traveled an item, the more the allure. Just ask a patient husband whose backyard is the halfway house for their “treasure(s) of the day.” These sisters wear all the necessary (cute) hats: crafter, welder, sander, painter, sewer, bookbinder, visionary, salvager. They drive an old truck, wear sturdy boots, laugh A LOT and with gusto. They manage to unearth the most amazing vintage finds in need of just a bit of love, craft and creative care-taking. Not to jump ahead, but just wait ‘til you see what these girls have in their collection for summer-time porch sitting. (Think summertime, gypsy farm market FIRELY style!)

At the Holiday Market, you’ll find freezer frogs handsewn (of course from their grandmother’s pattern) journals and planners from vintage bingo cards and Dr. Seuss classics, kid’s jewelry from scrap acrylic, re-habbed tin lunchboxes (if they don’t have the one you loved in 2nd grade, they’ll find it for you!) and some wonderful surprises.

And when you visit them at Firefly. . . ask about the third sister (something about a metal detector, vintage jewelry, and Buckinham Palace.) The Scrapsisters are scrappy all right in the most delightful way.