Don’t you find that the best creative solutions arise from a plain old basic need. The whirlwind of stressful job, or the desire to calm a fussy child, or just a hectic day-in-the-life scenario is surely one we can all relate to. The creative solution this crafty maker, Shari Baker, has developed is effective, beautiful and in the way that only nature can create: perfect. Shari’s line of lavender products called Equus is 100% natural, 100% organic and about as pure as you can get.

Shari is a practicing lawyer but lucky for us let her own curiosity propel her to look for a better solution to the high priced, chemical laden lavender products available. She looked to her own garden first. Over time Shari has lovingly grown and developed her own recipes and is graciously sharing her soothing tonics for each of our stressful moments. Worried about the upcoming holiday stressors: rushing, shopping, prepping, cooking, doing, pleasing … Relax, and visit Shari for the perfect antidote. Yes, the ideal one-stop table for both a gift to self and presents for your favorite stressed out friends!

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