Kat Marhefka’s actual journey took her from Cincinnati, to Boston, and finally to Boulder. But we’re much more fascinated with the creative pathway that leads to Kat’s unique jewelry. . . We’ve pegged Kat as an explorer of sorts and we are thrilled to meet her at the place where nature and jewelry cross paths.
Much to our delight, this graphic designer sent her aesthetic self on a journey a few years back when she couldn’t find jewelry that reflected her style and she settled-in upon reaching her destination: Spruce Jewelry. Kat’s simple goal with her original, modern, artful jewelry is to make us women feel beautiful. And to that we say. . . Oh yes, Kat, trés belle!

Spruce Jewelry is an inspiring blend of organic and natural forms, creating a meaningful connection between what nature’s given us and our effort to reflect back. Kat’s designs are light and airy and inspired by the whim of nature: branches, tendrils, dew drops, vibrant colors – her fresh style is characterized by her use of thin, flexible wire that allows the beads to hang freely in open space. The beads she chooses capture light and reflect movement. A journey through this artist’s collection takes us to a place we love. Yes Kat, a beautiful place indeed.

Kat Marhefka