While we’ve had plenty of sibling pairs to present to you. . . the feel-good, mama-love gals of firefly handmade (all three of us!) are tickled pink to introduce this next dynamic duo. This mother/daughter team puts it together just right and lots agree with us! Rumor has it they were tip top sellers at a Boulder holiday market last year and we surely expect the popularity contest to continue.

What started with a typical jewelry making class quickly spun out of control in the most delightful directions. . . Perlalu was formed around all the right urges: a fun creative outlet, personal and shared expression and interpretation, and of course LOVE! This team is wonderfully eclectic in their designs, use of materials and in where and how they find their inspiration. We are thrilled that they decided to focus their talents in the area of handcrafted jewelry and accessories. Perlalu is a team we love and we can hardly wait to see their new collection of wearable, functional AND affordable art.