Temporary Insanity is just what it sounds like: a break from the usual, boring SANE perspective we buck! We adore these funky little folks Terrie is creating! “Vintage People” are made from vintage hardware, found objects, a little bit of this and that and a nice big dose of humor and artistry! Each one has its own personality which reveals itself as they are assembled. To honor their special little quirks Terrie includes a bio with each one.

Like many of us crafters, Terrie is a scavenger at heart. . . what is it about the thrill of the hunt and then the joy of making something out of (almost) nothing that is simple irresistible! Terrie frequents thrift stores, garage sales, anywhere she might find something different or unusual. This gal’s shopping may veer off a bit from the typical thrifter track. . . she is on a constant hunt for bits and pieces that will become tiny little body parts!

In addition to Temporary Insanity, Terrie is a full time interior designer with her own business, Design the Hall-Way, as well as an artist. From what we can gather, this one is creative all day, all the time. We want to hear about her dream life! We can only imagine. Stop by for a personal introduction to Terrie’s vintage people and you are sure to make a few new (perfectly crazy) friends!

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