Vital is well. . . vital. Denver’s indie-craft community is ever-lit by the barrage of sparks that these two share with each other and then with us! Crystal and Brett perpetually ignite us all with great new ideas, process-driven work, and an incredible shop: Tomte where they feature their own work beside some of the best national craft. If you haven’t been, go: 1644 Platte Street.

The Vital short-list of crafty pursuits gets long pretty quick: screen-printing, fashion design, crocheting, quilting, candle making, embroidery, painting, dyeing, and photography have all shown up in their work. They jest that it might be their short attention spans that keep their craft door revolving, but we know better. . . they explore because there is still more to explore!

Of course we wanted to explore too, so we asked them each for a brief artist statement. Wordy and uncreative as we would have expected:

Crystal: I am a maker.
Brett: Bacon.

Always good to have one in the house who is thinking about breakfast. And we hear he brews beer on the side too. . . Cheers to you Vital, and thanks for being just that.


Vital Industries, LLC  |  1644 Platte St  |  Denver CO  |  303.698.4344  |