Crafters love to share and here’s one with a true confession for you:

I’m really a fabric addict who happens to make bibs!”

Jesi, along with her messy-faced bib testing team – Violet and Willa – uses her background in graphic design and advertising to craft up cute, cheery oversized bibs that make staying clean fun! The best feedback of all is when Violet (age 3.5) looks through the bibs and picks out her favorites: “Cute, super cute mom!”

Apparently others agree – even movie stars! Hip Violet had a TV moment last year when one of her birdie bibs was seen on Jessica Alba’s daughter, Honor, on the Ellen Show!

Jesi’s equal obsession with all things equestrian had to go when the little ones arrived, but homage to the love of horses is now served in some of her creations. These vibrant bibs are full of color and the appliques are oh so hip! Best of all, each one is handmade, by Jesi, in Denver, Colorado. Great gifts for the little ones on your list, Hip Violet and Marmalade will be teaming up for one-stop shopping for your minis!!

Hip Violet, Jesi Josten