photographer Bryon Parsonsphotographer Bryon ParsonsAmong the many reasons to love this next crafter is that she answers to the nickname “hatgirl.” Yes, you’ve seen her? Carrie McWithey came to us the best way there is: word of mouth. A friend of the fireflies (thank you, Linda) saw Carrie crocheting away in front of Pekoe and made the connection for us. Carrie has the job we all dream of: she spends most days just like we found her, “working” at cafes and doing business her way; direct to the end-user. Heck if you’re not in a hurry, you can probably help her tie-off the ends and have a fitting or two over your morning latte.

Carrie’s label is FRINGE and her style is all that. She chooses highest quality and rare yarns, opts for daring color combinations, and creates wicked sassy styles for men, women and kids. She is an equal opportunity crochet-maven and if you think you are not within her targeted demographic you are oh so wrong. . . Hatgirl is salesgirl too and assures: “even the “I don’t look good in hats” people look good in my hats.

Wrist warmers aprés Earl Grey? Come order your favorite hot drink from our favorite foodie, DISH gourmet, and then shop the way Carrie sells: Local. Handmade. Direct.

Fringe on Etsy

photography by Bryon Parsons,