Flora Bowley | photo by Tara Morris

Flora Bowley will be teaching two sessions of Bloom True at the Makerie. We can’t wait for her to Let go. Be bold. Unfold. at the Makerie Market. Her work is just invigorating! Oh, the saturation of color makes us so happy!

– – –

Flora lives and works full-time as a painter in Portland, OR, where she is inspired by magical forests, abundant gardens and a thriving community of fellow artists. Flora’s love for life and spontaneous nature are clearly visible in her vibrant, easily recognizable paintings. Throughout the year, Flora enjoys traveling, teaching workshops and painting in colorful locations around the world. Her work can be found in numerous galleries and also on a variety of unique products made in collaboration with Papaya!


It is my desire to honor and celebrate the natural world by creating bold, yet delicate, new “landscapes,” rich with color, soul and imagination. My work is created through a unique process of spontaneously layering free flowing color and mark-making with carefully rendered organic forms. These forms or “characters,” such as wings, sprouts, hives, figures, stars, branches, petals and pods co-mingle with vibrant color fields to tell stories of magical places born from dreams, close observation and a deep connection to all living things. I find joy in allowing my paintings to unfold naturally as I experiment playfully with color, form and composition, often changing courses along the way. My inspiration flows from both a microscopic perspective (often finding myself crawling on the forest floor) to a cosmic perspective (lots of nights staring at the sky and moon). Ultimately, I consider my work to be a celebration of the present moment; chaotic, subtle, mystical and ever-changing.