Katherine Sanz along with Angie Olsgard of Angie Star Jewelry will be teaching Incorporating Found Objects and Ancient Traditions in Jewelry Making at the Makerie. We will naturally be drawn to her infusion of nature in her meant to be worn jewelry collection at the Makerie Market. Katherine makes Moonspun Jewelry with love by the light of the moon!

– – –

Katherine Sanz is a second generation artist who earned her Fine Art degree from the University of Colorado. Katherine is inspired by the natural rhythms of the earth and their connections to the body. She creates a natural harmony between the river currents, ocean tides and growth patterns in plants, their reflection in the body, and jewelry’s ability to enhance that relationship. Katherine’s jewelry is meant to be worn. It is important to her that the beauty of the jewelry accentuate the beauty of the wearer and reflects a harmony between meaning and design. http://www.katherineangiestar.blogspot.com/