This husband-wife team has been hand-making vegan, organic, small batch luxury soaps in their Denver soap laboratory since 2008. Their unique approach to getting us all squeaky clean includes their transport: they literally pedal their soap to loyal customers at local farmers and handmade markets by way of their Cycles Maximus Rickshaw. We love this sudsy, cycling team!

Clean Getaway Soap starts with pure basic ingredients we can trust for the whole family and adds a bold artistic aesthetic we just can’t resist. And when we say whole family, we mean the dog too – check out Doc Emma’s Dog Shampoo bar! The list doesn’t stop there, Clean Getaway whips up lip balm, shave bars and even have a soap-of-the-month club! Rub a dub dub Mikel and Lindsey. . . can’t wait to lather up lavender.