Kurt van Maarth started silversmithing at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts back in 1992.  After dropping out his senior year to make stage props and puppets at Michael Curry Design, he was introduced to new materials and large scale work.  A while later, Kurt and his wife started a family and needed to move closer to home for support.  The idea of having children that don’t know their grandparents or their extended family wasn’t worth it. Adieu Portland, the town was well loved by Kurt, he promises he’ll be back some day.

One of the good things about moving to a town with no friends is that it forced Kurt into the studio to focus on what he really wanted to be making.  This is how Swear Jar was forged. He says of his work, “I’ve been knuckling down for the last three years and I am really proud of the things that I’ve come up with during that time.  Influenced by architecture, artists that I love, things in nature, and a love of process, the jewelry that I am currently designing combines all that I enjoy.”