Somewhere along the lines of reading and writing and arithmetic, we have a little advice for our vivacious vendors today. Let’s talk Money and Marketing and Marketplace for a minute!


With tax season upon us, this is quite the sore subject, but a necessary one. If you are selling handmade goods at our market, you must charge and collect sales tax. The law requires each of us to have a license for this: Everyone must have their own Colorado State license, but a City of Boulder license is not required if you do not already have one. Firefly will collect the City of Boulder portion on your behalf and will have a form for you when you check in on market day. The bottom line is we will all collect 8.31% on each sale made at this market.

What forms of payment do you take? Have you thought about accepting credit cards? Well, we couldn’t have a more savvy solution for you if you would like to increase your sales with good ol’ plastic. In the day and age of the iPhone/iPad and Android, we present a simply streamlined and stupendous option called Square – remember the days when folks used the phrase “Don’t be such a Square.”? – no longer true, my friends. Of course you will have to decide if the service is right for you and lucky for us, has a really great FAQ page to answer all of your pressing questions.


The Fireflies have already oiled up their social media marketing machine and are buzzing about to bring lovers of handmade from far and wide to Chautauqua this April. Help us, help you! There are many things that we can all do to contribute to our marketing momentum and as a result all ships will rise with the tide. We have tons of postcards and flyers for you to help distribute. Use your facebook, twitter and blog presence to shout “GO CRAFT!” from the rooftops over the next two weeks. Tell everyone you know about the handmade goodness they won’t want to miss and don’t forget there will be 30 gift bags to the first shoppers to walk through the door each day!

In continuation of this effort in the days leading up to and after the sale, you can keep the wave of interest going by all of us linking back to one another, keeping our Etsy shops stocked and web presence looking top notch. In fact one of the most important things you can do to close a sale is to have really great product photography and styling. If you are interested in this arena, you are in luck, because there are a few hours left to sign up for Alessandra Cave’s Product Photography class at the Makerie. Give them a reason to come … and keep coming back for more!


We love the handmade community and are proud to be part of it. There is a wealth of information out there about doing this craft market thing up right, and so we won’t re-invent the wheel this time, we will direct you to the wisdom already out there in this realm:

From Etsy, Craft Fair Tips and Craft Show Applications Unravelled {remember what we said earlier about great product photography?}, from a blog called Folksy, Craft Fair Advice and from our good friends at Horseshoe Craft & Flea down in Denver town, Biz Tuesdays: The Booth while this post happens to be focused on an outdoor market, 99% of it still applies. Be sure to stay awhile and check out their other Biz Tuesday posts – learn something new!