While Ellen Daehnick’s background doesn’t scream food business, and she may have circled the bases a few times before arriving here, she sure hit a homerun with this flavorful endeavor. Pushed to the very brink of what sugar + heat can do, these deeply-flavored caramel wonders are much more intense than others. Dark and rich, they’re made in tiny, three-pound batches with more butter and cream than most, which means they’re not only delicious, they also taste incredibly fresh, not sticky. Helliemae’s Salt Caramels are different from the caramels you’ve had before.

Seriously, you haven’t lived until you have wrapped your tastebuds around one of these! And you could get one just by showing up early for the Firefly Handmade Market! A little secret: There is one tucked inside each goodie bag, going to the first 30 shoppers each day of the market this weekend, starting tonight!

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