John Allen Photography

Every year in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there is a phenomenon along the trails in Elkmont in June. While there are many different kinds of Fireflies, or lightening bugs as some of us call them, this one particular species actually synchronizes its flashing. The light the firefly gives off, called bioluminescence, is a chemical reaction occurring in its abdomen with a self-produced enzyme and oxygen. The most unusual firefly named Photinus Carolinus is able to synchronize its light with other lightning bugs around it!

Folks we are beginning to beam here at Firefly Handmade Headquarters, flashing about here and there … it takes a lot of work and practice to get our luminescence to sparkle just right. But our own synchronization is coming and it will be BRIGHT! Field your dreams on this gorgeous photograph by John Allen Photography and read on for our accumulating details on the upcoming seasonal delights:

Gypsy Farm Market +

3390 Valmont Road
Boulder, Colorado

Saturday, September 17th, 9am-9pm
Sunday, September 18th, 9am-3pm

80+ indie crafters

imagine a vintage pick-up full of farmhouse finds, a caravan with handcrafted curtains, a covered european mercato filled with indie-craft artisans and a homemade picnic on a haybale +++ plus all of the other good things you have come to know us for!