A returning shopper favorite – we know because we get emails asking about his work all the time. You won’t want to miss him this season, rumor has it he’ll be joining this gypsy caravan in his ’67 Chevy!

I started making things when I was just a pup.  When I didn’t have bricks or rocks or sticks, I’d build things out of cow patties and hay bales, feed sacks and junk.  Growing up on a ranch, there always seems to be lot’s of these items.  Eventually I built furniture which I still do quite a bit of.  I took my desire to create and went to architecture school and now push lines around on a computer screen all day.  That’s why I still make things with my hands.  Sitting at a desk just doesn’t do it for me I guess.  I like reclaimed stuff, so everything I use is made of old woods, metals, and junk.  Can’t get away from the junk.  The stories that accompany each piece are fun to write and keep me sane in a world of political correctness.  In the end the best part about making things with your hands is the sense of pride you get from each piece.  You formed it, you designed it.  There is not another one like it in the world.  That’s pretty special in my book.