Alright so we’ve got dandy duds, nifty notebooks – how are you going to style it out in the cafeteria?  With these food-safe + reusable + chic bags, of course! Welcome to the handmade Back-to-School scene all the way from Carbondale, Co … Two+Two!

Two moms who share a love of both great prints and sewing. Combine that with a passion for doing what’s best (and cutest!) for our kiddos + the planet and you get super cute reusable bags that are food-safe and free of lead, BPA and phthalates. Juliet and Leslie have been making these bags for friends + family for a few years and found them so useful for so many things; zero-waste lunches + snacks, cosmetics, dog treats, pet rocks, vitamins, hair baubles or jewelry, plus any other loose treasure you want to tote around. They’re a perfect and perfectly stylish option for your family + the planet.