We’ve covered Back to School ideas, we’ve covered jewelry. Put these two together and you get too cool for school! These reclaimed skateboard accessories say it all. We love this veteran vendors’ great design and innovation with an upcycled product.

Mukee is constantly searching for ways to give a new life to items that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Mukee Design exhibits a love for the earth and a desire to design by repurposing things with the emphasis on fashion and home accessories.

All Mukee pieces are handmade locally including earrings, necklaces and belt buckles. Owner and designer Derek Keenan was inspired to use reclaimed materials in all aspects of his design work after he served two years as a Peace Corps volunteer. While living in The Gambia, Derek saw how the local people didn’t let anything go to waste, everything was reused for something. Upon returning to America, Derek set out to design and create objects from what might otherwise be considered garbage in order to get people to think about how wasteful our culture can be. Skateboards became his material of choice after he noticed a pile of colorful broken decks in the back of a friends skateboard shop.