Wonderbound Press first appeared at a Firefly Market this spring, with a booth built entirely of ReSource Yard materials and use of their tool library! Theresa is a woodcut printmaker and illustrator, her work is told through drawings and relief prints, printed on a worn and sturdy Vandercook letterpress.

The process begins with a pencil and paper. Theresa sketches her illustrations as a way to tell a story. Once the images unfold, the illustrations are often transferred to wood blocks where they are meticulously carved using woodcarving knives. When printing multi-color woodcut reduction prints, the lightest color of the illustration is carved first. The block is then inked and hand printed on the press. The next lightest color is then carved away and printed once more. These steps are repeated for each color until the entire block is slowly carved away. Once this process is complete, the print can never be made again. The woodcut reduction prints are truly limited editions!

wonderbound press : theresa macfarland
{illustrator and printmaker}


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