Willow & Raven was birthed in November 2010 from a dream of the designer, Shauna Lott, to start a collective artist movement in order to financially support organizations,  such as iEmpathize, who are fighting to end human trafficking around the world and to bring awareness to the issue. Our mission is “to restore beauty in women around the world through fashion and justice” and our hope is to inspire other artists and designers to do the same.  One day, Shauna desires for Willow & Raven to be a collective of artists supporting works of justice through their works of art together.  Currently, Willow & Raven is jewelry designed by Shauna using primarily repurposed fabrics to make her unique jewelry.

As for Shauna, she started at an early age as a handmade crafter by sitting beside her mother at the sewing machine or the wood working bench in her childhood home.  She’d help sell her mom’s products at markets much like this Gypsy Farm Market when she was young.  The Gypsy Farm Market is her first Firefly Handmade market that she’s been involved in and she’s excited to follow in her mother’s footsteps and make some of her own with this new adventure.  Her five favorite things in life are hugs, colorful fabrics, flea-markets, fireworks, and hot air balloons.  Stop by the Willow & Raven booth at the Gypsy Farm Market to pick up a pretty little necklace to support the fight to end human trafficking or to give her a hug.

twitter:  @willowandraven

facebook:  Willow & Raven

website:  www.willowandraven.com

etsy:  WillowAndRaven


*for a full listing of our Gypsy Farm Market indie-craft artisans, visit the vendor list on our website.