It’s hard to say how long Le Hot Club de Rue Pearl has been haunting Pearl Street. Rumors cast the first appearance of Mr. Jeremy Mohney somewhere around 2009 having just returned from France (or was it New Orleans?) barefoot and disshevled and blowing his horn as if swing music might save the world. Word has it Matt Cantor walked a bass line to Pearl Street all the way from Back to the Woods. Greg Corcione drove the beat from the east coast on a hunch, just as Jeremy Ciampa was swinging by, guitar in tow. Other accounts suggest the whole band was stranded in the West years ago when Satchmo’s tour bus broke down just east of town – having maintained youthful appearances on pure syncopation.

Enter the fireflies, who told a friend that we were looking for the PERFECT band for our Gypsy Farm Market, she shot us her “look no further” wink. Upon her suggestion, we sipped a cool SALT cocktail on the patio at 11th and Pearl and the Swing beckoned us straight away to a saltry 1940’s streetcorner and in that slice o’ heaven, we spent the evening. A tin can of zinnias, and a “would you please?” later, we are jumpin’ jivin’ and wailin’ in our gypsy boots to welcome aboard our flat-bed, farmtruck stage… Le Hot Club!

We present gypsy jazz at the Gypsy Farm Market, Saturday night from 6:30-9pm … bring your tip money! Le Hot Club is here and now. Swinging as sure as they’re breathing. And as sure as you’ll be dancing. | The Hot Club de Rue Pearl on Facebook

Now that’s Jazz.