Jenny LaBudde (pronounced La-buddy) and her Beau repurpose coffee bags and fabric into usable laptop bags, totes and wallets. Her creative endeavor was begun in October of 2008 with one shining product, the Coffee Bag Laptop Case, made from jute coffee bags collected from her favorite coffee shop in Colorado Springs.

Currently, LaBudde’s coffee bags come from Boulder Organic Coffee, and the fabrics come primarily from thrift stores. This is important to the brand, both ecologically and creatively:

“We feel proud to reuse and repurpose fabrics and materials, and the hunt for new coffee bags and fun prints helps keep us jazzed about our work. Since we buy so much fabric secondhand, and the coffee bags that I can get depend upon what kind of coffee Boulder Organic Coffee happens to be roasting that week, my materials are ever-changing, but that is a big part of what keeps me motivated and excited to make more; always having to come up with newer and better combinations of fabrics and coffee bags.”