Two Plus Two are perfect take anywhere, use for anything, utilitarian pouches…but so adorable, you’ll want to gift multiples of them:

“We’re two moms who share a love of style, great prints and sewing. Combine that with a passion for doing what’s best (and cutest!) for our young kids + the planet and you get chic reusable bags that are food-safe and free of lead, BPA and phthalates.

When our little ones reached an age where they needed lots of snacks + lunches on the go, we started searching for a less wasteful alternative to the plastic baggie. While there were other reusable bags on the market, none of them worked just as we wanted or kept the food as fresh as we’d liked. So we fired up our sewing machines and started making our own. After much trial and error, we landed on the products we now offer. They keep food incredibly fresh and the easy-to-pull tabs make them super manageable for little, independent fingers. They are also incredibly versatile – did you ever notice how much loose stuff you tote around?! They’re a perfect and perfectly stylish solution for your family + the planet. Enjoy!”