“I’m so intrigued with the process of jewelry design and metalsmithing. I often finish a collection and can’t bear to part with it. I keep new collections displayed in my studio for a bit so I can look at them and visit with the pieces before I have to say goodbye and send them off to their new owners. I have a large collection of my previous work though, as do many of my girlfriends so I still get to see a lot of my “vintage” pieces–and I love that.

I know that the pieces I create go out into the world and become treasures, amulets, reminders of memories. Because of the materials and craftsmanship, my pieces have longevity. When people wear my jewelry they aren’t necessarily wearing it just because it’s a pretty necklace. They’re wearing it because it’s inscribed with the name of their baby or it has a word or stone that just called to them. My intention is to create jewelry with relevance. Jewelry that makes you look lovely. Jewelry with meaning and power.”

Natha Perkins, Luscious Metals