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We have integrated our blog into the new website. We would love to see you there. Join us at our new spot! and keep updated on handmade happenings …


Thank you for tuning in to see glimpses of what our Holiday Market has in store for you this December. So far we’ve promised first-class vittles and craftopia for your kiddos. Next up, we have a list of featured Firefly vendors a magical mile long to roll out to you these next few weeks leading up to our December 10-12th sale.

But before begin down that road, we thought you might be interested to know just who the trixie little trio is behind this whole idea for a series of seasonal markets, called Firefly Handmade. At the risk of serving ourselves first at our own party, . . . the lovefest we feel for each of our new vendors starts with extreme adoration within the original Firefly trilogy! We truly support one another in our creative pursuits and look forward to sharing that peer-advocate vibe with the entire Firefly family!  Why not work with folks you just can’t get enough of, right?

Stay tuned …

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