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Sahra Alsamarrie and Shannon Sunderland are two of the most amazing Boulder women we know. And they make beautiful jewelry to boot.

Two mamas, metalsmiths, friends,  and now business partners who are currently working on new jewelry designs together after a serendipitous crossing of paths : Hot Mama Designs and Sugar Soul Studio

All moved in to a new jewelry studio in North Boulder, Shannon & Sahra lovingly dream up, cut, hammer, polish, and assemble with a metalsmith’s passion unbridled. It goes without saying, their pieces speak volumes.

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Want to learn to knit/crochet (for free, sillies!) ?? Come on down to the first Firefly HO-down (handmade. outside. downtown!)

Saturday, March 19th, 11o’clock
on the climbing rocks in front of Peppercorn on Pearl

Come join us!!! . . . Great news is the current forecast is 64 and sunny !!!!

Using every ounce of willpower not to rip open a whole sleeve of Thin Mints, Firefly is pleased as punch to announce that Tee & Cakes will be at the Makerie Market this spring. Did you know that they have Girl Scout cookie cupcakes on their menu right now? The Tee & Cakes team bakes creatively homemade cakes and hand screenprints their foodie fashionable tees in Boulder daily. They even get some of their ingredients from local Lost World Farms.  Sweet!


  • Monday-Friday // 7:30am-6pm
  • Saturday // 9am-5pm
  • Sunday // 11am-5pm


1932 14th Street, Downtown Boulder (Just Off the Pearl Street Mall) map


720-406-7548 //  info (at) teeandcakes (dot) com // Twitter @teeandcakes // Like the Facebook Page

Hello, Colorado Makers! Plans for the Spring Makerie Market are under way. Chautauqua is going to be even more beautiful with the Community House and a tent full of handmade goods. What a perfect setting to kick off the new year with a series of markets. We are thrilled to announce that Vendor Application SUBMISSIONS are NOW OPEN. Download the PDF Application and Information and apply today!

  • Completed application must be received no later than 5pm, Monday, February 28th
  • Accepted vendors will be notified via email on Friday, March 11th
  • Signed Contract and booth fee will be due by Friday, March 18th

UPDATE: Some folks have had some questions about the submit form. Here are a couple of tips: Be sure to download the latest version of Adobe Reader and if you are on a Mac, do not use “Preview” to open the form. There are some required fields, so answer ALL of the questions, s’il vous plait!

{photo of windowfront}

You know the old truism: Cheap. Good. Fast. … pick two?

Well here’s a trio for you: Local. Green. Handmade. And you don’t have to choose. All three are yours for the shopping this weekend only at 1904 Pearl Street in Downtown Boulder. Our Firefly Handmade Holiday Market delivers 60+ local Colorado makers, eco-friendly gift-giving and handmade holiday cheer all in one place this season. Come visit and bring a friend Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the former Boulder Food Co-op Space on the corner of 19th and Pearl! —–>

December 10th, 5pm-9pm   |   11th, 10am-5pm   |   12th, 10am-3pm

It sure was chilly, but it was wrapped in cozy HANDMADE quilts and knitted scarves long enough to share with your friends. The fireflies gathered and their lights burned oh-so-brightly for a parade through Downtown Boulder last night. It was a brilliantly lit ’54 Chevy, a retro red shopping cart, several feet of beautifully stitched firefly banners and approximately 100 hand-crafted fireflies made with newspaper wings, teabags and tiny LED lights.

We cannot wait to see the crowds from the sides of Pearl Street at the Firefly Holiday Market this weekend!

Have you ever met a gal with a heart so big you just can’t imagine how it can stay contained within her human form? Well we met that girl and she has set our Firefly energy on overload! Just as we are gearing up to bring you the best of what is already going on in the local craft scene, Ali Dejohn is working her own sweet magic on a new creative venture. We’re certain that Ali has all the zest, inspiration, great aesthetic and sincerity to take her start-up straight up to the bright blue sky. Boulder is about to burst forth with a fabulous new event which is already attracting national attention … starting this April, The Makerie will transform the Chatauqua cottages into a campy, creative playground for the long weekend getaway you’ve been dreaming of. In Ali’s own words …

I want to provide a place where people can step out of their fast-paced, everyday lives, leave technology behind for a few days and reconnect with themselves.”

Ali’s big-hearted passion for creative pursuit is evident in every detail of her plans for the Makerie. The getaway weekend will be full of amazing workshops (i.e. sewing, embroidery, knitting, painting, block printing, pattern making, making art out of recycled materials, etc…) and is for ANYONE (not just so-called creative types) who wants to try something totally new in a supportive environment. In addition to the classes, the Makerie will offer wake-up yoga &/or hiking, and healthy, organic & local yummy foods as part of the weekend. You will feel nurtured mind, body and soul! What could be better than a weekend with no cooking or cleaning, just creating!

The eagerly awaited Makerie website goes live TODAY and we have a helpful hint: if this is your cup of tea, { do NOT delay } hitting the send button on your sign up. . . we’ve heard rumors that a “virtual” line has started in anticipation. With teachers coming from all over the country, we expect that the Makerie will draw participants from near and far. Lucky us, it happens to be in our own backyard. Ali will be spending lots of time at the December market to meet and greet, so stop by, connect with her, and get more Makerie scoop.

  • Dates: April 7 – 10, 2011
  • Location: Chautauqua, Boulder, CO
  • Class Schedule: Friday morning & afternoon sessions (3 hrs each), Saturday morning & afternoon sessions (3 hrs each)
  • Teachers: Incredible teacher line up to be announced soon!
  • Registration: to be open early November

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ps. And the icing on this sweet little cake? Firefly Handmade is delighted to collaborate with Ali and her already fantastic retreat schedule to bring you the Makerie Market!


At Firefly we love creative pursuits all day and in every way.  We encourage artists and crafters of all ages to nurture that urge. . . and so, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Clementine Studio to provide a well-stocked kid’s craft table at our December Market – hooray! While you shop, your kiddos can create to their heart’s content with an overflowing bunch of donated scraps shared from our vendors’ studios! Eco-friendly and maximum imagination, an inspiring Clementine combination for your handmade holiday shopping delight.

In case you don’t already know all about them, check out the current fall line up and everything {including great eco-friendly art supplies} that Clemetine offers for kids of all ages, newly re-located at 2775 Valmont Road in Boulder, CO.

Research shows that open-ended art experiences play an important role in healthy child development.  Clementine Studio supports the creative growth children need– mind, body and spirit.  Classes begin at age 18 months and since adults are really just big kids, Clementine is now providing creative art experiences for adults as well, in partnership with Boulder’s OpenArts.

2775 Valmont Road, Boulder, CO   |   303.443.2520  |

ps. Speaking of Clementines and things kids of all ages like, would you like to help talk Clementine the Cupcake Truck into coming up for our opening night Friday, the 10th of December?


Too good not to mention again. Our Holiday Market neighbors at Dish Gourmet will be serving up a special menu for the Fireflies.

Dish Gourmet is a friendly deli on Pearl Street in offering fresh and inventive sandwiches, prepared foods, catering services, and specialty foods such as cured meats, farmstead cheeses, imported olive oils, vinegars and pasta. Chef Brian Benham chooses to work with local farms and the very best seasonal ingredients available for his culinary creations.

Everything we’re bringing to market is handmade and this artisan arsenal for your taste buds is no exception. We’re telling you, folks, there is going to be so much to keep you intrigued and busy, you won’t want to leave to eat, so thank goodness, we have taken care of this for you AND we’ve taken care of the kids, too!

1918 Pearl Street, Boulder  |  720.565.5933  | |  find Dish on Facebook |  follow Dish on Twitter

Encouraged by Dish, we are striving to make the Firefly Handmade Holiday Market a Zero Waste event. Please help us by doing your part to put your compostables, trash and recyclables in the correct receptacles that will be located around the market!


As if you needed another reason to put the Firefly Handmade Holiday Market on your calendar in INK … we’re going to give you one more! Fabulous Food. Dish Gourmet will be offering up fresh handmade sammies and local delights for vendors and buyers both to enjoy. Our friends’ at Dish have come up with a Firefly friendly menu we can’t wait to wrap our taste buds around.

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