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the eco-green fiend. If it wasn’t saved from the landfill, if it isn’t certified organic, you don’t want  anything to do with it. We have some innovative upcycled items just for you.

  • A Summer Afternoon + Natural Wooden Toys
  • Affinitas Apothecary + Tinctures, Ointments, Teas & Oils
  • Amber Lights + Pure & Simple Beeswax Candles
  • Ash & Ore + functional leather luxuries
  • Benjamin Ballerina + Pretty Tough Clothing for Kids
  • BirdDog Press + Fabric-inspired Letterpress Paper Goods
  • By Elke + All Things Handmade
  • Damselfly Organics + handcrafted eco-friendly clothing
  • Dandy Social Club + Hand-Tailored Children’s Clothing
  • Eat Agar + handspun & recycled yarn
  • Flora Fauna + A Whimsical World
  • Hot Pink & Sequins + Revamped, Repurposed Couture Accessories
  • La Budde + distintive digital accessories
  • Make My Notebook + Hand Silk-Screened Spiral Notebooks
  • Mountain Girl Organics + Relax, Renew and Revive
  • Mr.Lentz + upcycled salvage jewelry & accessory design
  • Mukee + Upcycled Skateboard Jewelry & Accessories
  • Pearl Clothing + upcycled style
  • Planet Ogie + encouraging outdoor play and urban gardening through children toys
  • Swell Brand + quirky, irreverent, loved-in clothing
  • Two+Two + sylish reusable snack bags

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See the entire Gift Guide 2011 on our new website and continue to tune in here for the Gift Guide 2011 series.


Now we’re hitting our stride! A great site visit today renewed our energy for putting on this market and now we are thrilled to keep bringing you more of the amazing, innovative, handmade goods you can expect to be lining the mercado stalls at the Gypsy Farm Market every day up to the September 17th open! This gypsy girl has been busy time-traveling, but we’ve finally captured her just long enough for this two-day Firefly event …

Vintage Renewal is committed to redesigning tired vintage and second-hand pieces into fresh retro bohemian works of art for your home, studio, office and your very own wardrobe! We redesign art pieces for your home and wardrobe that are sustainable with a minimal effect on the environment by focusing on vintage and recycled materials.

We proudly construct usable art objects inspired by past decades, fashion styles, different cultures, antique furniture, and vintage craft books. Our high-end product will reflect cutting edge eco-designs made with loving care by local Indie Redesigner, Jeanne Connolly. We continue to collaborate with local artisans, crafters and designers to stay at the forefront of indie eco-design and to create a sense of community.

And remember, Be Green, Buy Vintage, Buy Handmade!

While many of us can barely survive the familial stress of Thanksgiving, these crafty siblings share the same LLC!

Planet Ogie was created by sister-brother team, Andi and Kyle Kilness, in 2008. In their earliest years, the duo discovered a love for playing in the dirt, growing plants and building forts with bed sheets and “HE-MAN” beach towels. Nice to know growing up can stay this fun!

Far more than a handcrafted toy, Ogie’s represent a way of life, encouraging children and adults alike to explore nature, plant gardens and dig dirt.   They come carrying Magic Ogie Beans for planting in the garden, and for every Ogie sold a portion of the profits goes to the purchase of  garden-starter kit for inner city elementary schools across the nation through their “kids dig earth program”.

We love to smile and this duo has our grins non-stop and ear-to-ear!

Kyle dodges taxis while cycling around Brooklyn, New York, takes good care of his urban rooftop garden and sings in the shower. Andi lives, sews, plants and grows in Denver, Colorado.

Andi & Kyle Kilness   | | |  800-349-6443

A common theme amongst our vendors, it this proverbial “ITCH” of the crafty variety that won’t go away until it gets a good scratching! While Alexa Allen finds wool EVERYTHING but scratchy, it is her current ITCH-stopper for sure!

Alexa swapped a custom cabinet-making business in the Bay Area for a wool obsession when she moved back to Boulder a year ago and couldn’t afford the workshop space she needed. She started felting as a cheaper alternative that would still give her the creative fix she yearned for. Before two shakes of a lambs tail, she was a roving junkie! Her new passion has circled her right back to her woody background and she’s about to launch a small line of kid’s furniture which incorporates felt!

We can’t wait to glimpse Alexa’s new furniture, because what we’re seeing so far of her felting obsession is leaving us with a warm fuzzy feeling all over! We dare you to look at these dolls and not smile. NELLA Kids‘ “eco-mod felt dolls” are the perfect gift: non-toxic, lightweight, great for cuddling, organic,and one-of–a-kind! Be sure to stop by and squeeze one at the market.

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