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the eco-green fiend. If it wasn’t saved from the landfill, if it isn’t certified organic, you don’t want  anything to do with it. We have some innovative upcycled items just for you.

  • A Summer Afternoon + Natural Wooden Toys
  • Affinitas Apothecary + Tinctures, Ointments, Teas & Oils
  • Amber Lights + Pure & Simple Beeswax Candles
  • Ash & Ore + functional leather luxuries
  • Benjamin Ballerina + Pretty Tough Clothing for Kids
  • BirdDog Press + Fabric-inspired Letterpress Paper Goods
  • By Elke + All Things Handmade
  • Damselfly Organics + handcrafted eco-friendly clothing
  • Dandy Social Club + Hand-Tailored Children’s Clothing
  • Eat Agar + handspun & recycled yarn
  • Flora Fauna + A Whimsical World
  • Hot Pink & Sequins + Revamped, Repurposed Couture Accessories
  • La Budde + distintive digital accessories
  • Make My Notebook + Hand Silk-Screened Spiral Notebooks
  • Mountain Girl Organics + Relax, Renew and Revive
  • Mr.Lentz + upcycled salvage jewelry & accessory design
  • Mukee + Upcycled Skateboard Jewelry & Accessories
  • Pearl Clothing + upcycled style
  • Planet Ogie + encouraging outdoor play and urban gardening through children toys
  • Swell Brand + quirky, irreverent, loved-in clothing
  • Two+Two + sylish reusable snack bags

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See the entire Gift Guide 2011 on our new website and continue to tune in here for the Gift Guide 2011 series.


the nature of nature.  every piece made at lazy tree designs is created by hand with love and great care given to craftsmanship.  the aim is to create items that are both ergonomic and aesthetic.  only natural dyes are used, and recycled/ up cycled/ organic materials are utilized whenever possible.  whether knitted, crocheted, sewn, dyed, or hammered each piece is a unique example of organic design.
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