A Summer Afternoon is another true family business within the firefly winter line-up. This Fort Collins family handcrafts eco-friendly wooden cars, toys, blocks, teething rings and oh so much more! It all starts with the grown-up team (Erin and Aaron! :) They hand-craft, hand-sand and hand-finish and then when they have each piece just right it moves to the next department to the one who is really in charge . . . don’t be fooled, he is small but mighty and at age one, the little guy in the family business has just the right experience level and hand’s-on commitment to be chief of product testing and approval! His favorite product to date? The cars with portable people!

A favorite from his younger days, Summer Afternoon’s wooden teethers are made of quality hardwoods such as walnut or maple, sanded to satin smoothness, and finished with a food-grade beeswax finish. Soothing to a baby’s gums, and fun to play with!

The toy product line is finished with a combination of non-toxic, kid-safe linseed oil (comes from flaxseed) and natural food-safe beeswax. We love these wholesome, natural toys which encourage creative and imaginative play. Even those of us with big kids are checking our lists for the little ones who would love to spend an afternoon (summer or winter!) with these classic toys.

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